8 Jun 2011

Die For Me by Amy Plum

BOOK: Die For Me

AUTHOR: Amy Plum

SERIES: Revenants #1


PAGES: 341


Filled with heart-pounding action, eerie suspense, sexy paranormals, and swoon-worthy romance, Amy Plum’s debut novel Die For Me is one that everyone should add as a must read!
The story focuses around Kate, a newly orphaned teenager who has been shipped off with her sister to live with her grandparents in Paris. Kate is shy, pretty, and mature:  I liked her immediately and loved how she really came into her own and showed her inner strength. She wasn’t completely dependent on Vincent, and actually managed to hold her own in the big pow wow at the end. Vincent, of course, is another version of your typical dream guy. He’s gorgeous, protective, intelligent, and most importantly: has a sexy accent. His relationship with Kate just made me go awwwww!, and it was great that Plum managed to give it some substance and allow their feelings to develop properly. Out of the revenants, I have to say I am Team Jules, you have to give it to him that he is determined! But all the secondary characters are awesome and brought Die For Me just up to that next level, you have to give the author credit for actually bothering to make them all real and unique.
Choosing Paris as a setting for a book can be risky, but Plum obviously knows and loves the city intimately and it really reflects in her writing. She doesn’t skimp out on the descriptions and really creates a colourful picture of all the quaint little streets and cafes that make the plot that bit more special! The storyline also is unique and original, I for one have never read about Revenants and that made it even more of a page turner because I was learning as I went along. I know everyone who hasn’t read Die For Me (why haven’t you?) is probably wondering what a Revenant is, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise, because it’s a much more dynamic read if you don’t know.
Die For Me is worth every single one of the five stars I give it, and I know that many of my fellow bloggers who have read it  as well will feel the same. Everything from the plot to the characters to the setting is perfect and Plum writes like a pro. It’s a relatively new release (May 2011), but if you’re looking for a new take on YA paranormal romance this is your book!


  1. Great review. I loved the Paris setting it made it standout from other reads. Can't wait for the next book in this series.

  2. nice one! this book is so gorgeous
    btw ive started last january with blogging and im so thrilled i reach 108 followers already its not much but atleast its getting there right? goodluch with your blogs! more power.

  3. This is a great review, I definitely have to check out this book! :)

  4. this has been in my tbr for a while. Can't wait to dive in; it sounds great.