30 Jun 2011

Hourglass by Myra Mcentire

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My ARC of Half-Blood finally arrived, and may i just say, it is absolutely FANTASTIC. I think i have a new author crush of Ms. Armentrout. Speaking of author crushes and awesome books, recently i read Hourglass by Myra Mcentire and i can say that it is DA BOMB! (yes, that is the correct spelling)

BOOK: Hourglass

AUTHOR: Myra Mcentire

SERIES: Hourglass #1


PAGES: 397 (Hardcover)

Hourglass was a heart-stopping, adrenaline filled read that captivated me from start to finish. Though Myra Mcentire is only a debutant her work shows effortless writing and iconic wit that will make her books an insta-buy in my local store.
Ever since the horrific accident that claimed her parents, Emerson has been able to see the phantoms or ‘rips’ of those who lived before her time. After multiple stints in therapy and endless medication, Emerson is beginning to give up when her brother Thomas insists on meeting one last person who may be able to help: Michael. Michael Weaver is gorgeous, smart, sympathetic, and definitely nothing like she imagined. He comes from an organisation called the Hourglass, but his distinct evasiveness stirs an unease in Emerson as she is plunged deeper into the world of psychic abilities and the people who harness them. She’s sure things can’t get any stranger when suddenly Michael asks of her the seemingly impossible: her help in the prevention of someone’s murder. The only problem is that the murder has already happened: six months before.
Emerson is the kind of heroine most authors would dream of writing about: strong, sassy, and able to flip a guy on his ass without chipping a single nail. She’s a fighter, a loyal and honest friend, and someone who takes what life gives her and lives to the fullest. Her smart ass comments had me cracking up and her ‘edit button’ is something I can relate to. In fact, the dialogue in this book is probably the best bit, and Mcentire’s writing is completely her own. The idea for a time slip/travel based plot is not unheard of, but the author puts it in a unique twist that appeals to all readers, not just the young’uns. The secondary characters were  also rewarding in their own way, each padding out the nooks and crannies in this novel and making it more real.
And what kind of review would this be if I didn’t talk about the boys. And god, are there boys. Two, in fact, but don’t panic just yet, a love triangle does not seem to be occurring in the distant future. Emerson’s focus is solely on Michael, and who could blame her? Both Michael and Kaleb bring in that special something, adding tension and emotions that would otherwise be lacking. Whilst Michael and Emerson are ‘the thing’ in Hourglass, I honestly can’t say which guy was my favourite. Kaleb may be a player, but damn, he’s a hot one. The romance in the book was definitely satisfying, add in some sizzling tension and steamy kisses, and, well, you have yourself a winner.
Breaking away from that topic though, as hard as it may be, the actual plot of Hourglass is not deficient in any department and delivers exactly what it promises. This may not be a proper ghost story, but the introduction of Emerson’s powers and how they can be used is intriguing, almost as much as the ‘who dunnit’ mystery and the big betrayal at the end. Yes, there is action, yes there are explosions (thank god), but this is the kind of book I hang out for when stalking Goodreads and other blogs.
Hourglass is a fantastic mix of sci-fi, paranormal, and romance. The plot is packed with twists that will throw you off balance and I found myself turning the pages like a woman possessed. Myra Mcentire is to be thoroughly congratulated on all that she has achieved in her debut novel, and I have now found that there is a sequel I can want as much as Spell Bound (Hex Hall #3), dang, Ms. Hawkins, what a cliff hanger! (Sorry, getting a bit carried away there…) Anyways, buy it buy it buy it! You’ll be sure to love it as much as I do.

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