1 Aug 2011

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

TITLE: Supernaturally

AUTHOR: Kiersten White

SERIES: Paranormalcy #2


PAGES: 336


After reading Paranormalcy last year and completely falling in love with it, I was super excited to see how Supernaturally turned out. Needless to say, Kiersten White definitely dished up the good stuff with her latest book.
One of the best parts of Paranormalcy was, of course, Evie. She’s strong, humorous, caring, and has a personality that hits the nail on the head with most teens. I love how White managed to allow Evie to mature over the book, whilst still keeping her unique sarcasm and identifiable voice. It was adorable to watch her swoon over even the simplest of things (see: lockers), but even better to watch her grow up and realise that whilst she may want normal, normal isn’t necessarily where she belongs.
In Supernaturally Lend isn’t quite as in the forefront as he was in the last book, he was more of a supporting character this time, whilst still being incredibly important to Evie and her decisions. One thing I wasn’t a big fan of was that whilst he was still cute and gorgeous, being at college made me almost feel as if he had moved on and wasn’t quite the same as he had been in Paranormalcy *le sigh*. Anyways, there was still tons of ‘awwwww’ moments, and all I can say is: I want a Lend!
The other secondary characters were also great, and the introduction of Jack is a bit of surprise. White manages to satisfy your need for answers…whilst still not giving away anthing about him. I must say, I did begin to work out the ending towards the last quarter of the book, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable when I read it :D As a whole, the plot definitely took a more real world turn, instead of everything revolving around the IPCA. I must say I found it better, moving on from what the previous book created; although I agree with some others when I say that sometimes it felt like just a set up for the last book. But don’t lose heart! I was actually disappointed when I finished and I couldn’t read Endlessly straight away!
As always, Kiersten’s writing is fantabulous, I wish I had her brain! Supernaturally was a highly satisfying middle book in the Paranormalcy trilogy, and I can’t wait to see what Ms. White comes up with for Evie and the gang in the third book, Endlessly. As far as recommending it, I would say: if you loved Paranormalcy, go for it, you won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t, then maybe read Paranormalcy first, and decide for yourself. But, I suspect, you may end up a Paranormalcy addict, just like the rest of us :P


  1. Ahh, can't wait to read this book! Thanks for the lovely review! :)

  2. 1st. I can't wait to read this, what a great review! This has jumped to the top of my to buy list.
    2nd. I nominated you for some blog awards on my blog, (www.bibliophileanonymous.blogspot.com) if you're interested in playing. No pressure, just thought you'd have some entertaining answers!

  3. I still haven't read the first book. . . I know! I really must go out and get me a copy, great review! Thanks for stopping by my blog, got yourself a new follower :) Happy Reading!