4 Sep 2011

Crusade a.k.a. POBFWBHAJFQU

When you have a book blog, you spend most of your time blogging about books you love, or books that made an impact emotionally, spiritually, or even physically. But, in real life, you don't love every book, there are some you just don't bother to finish, and then there are the rare ones, the ones you despise to the core of your very soul (WARNING: for the purposes of this post that sentence may have been exagerrated).

Today, i'm going to give you one of those books, a book i read early this year and hated so much i actually wished i had never even picked it up. It's a short review, extremely short compared to what i usually do, but i think i get the main points across.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Crusade by Linda Press Wulf

CrusadeRobert: Left on the steps of a church as a baby, Robert was often hungry but never stole food like the other orphans in town. Introverted and extraordinarily intelligent, he knew all the Latin prayers and hymns by heart by the time he was five years old.

Georgette: Her own mother died in childbirth, leaving Georgette with a father who, seventeen at the time, had neither experience nor aptitude as a nurturing parent, and a brother known in town as Le Fuer - The Spitfire - for his terrible temper.

Perhaps to replace something missing from their own lives, both Robert and Georgette are drawn to the news of a crusader, twelve or thirteen, no older than themselves, travelling down through France with thousands of followers - all, unbelievably, children too. Of those thousands, this is the incredible story of two
My (incredibly short) review:

My god, i absolutely HATED this book :(

The story was just so boring, and so depressing. There was no real romance between Georgette and Robert, and even i found that they moved way too fast for a couple of people who only met a few days before.

The crusade also, was not well described. Georgette was not really involved in the actual planning and constructing, she just plodded along and watched as everyone around her died.

I really wanted to give up about halfway, but the only reason i kept going is that i hate not finishing a book. If you're an avid historical fan, then it might interest you to read this account through the eyes of a bystander
For regular readers though, don't even bother, you could spend your money and time on far better things.

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