18 Oct 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

I haven't participated in this one for a while, so i thought i'd try and pick it up again. Plus, it's a nice easy thing to blog about when you're feeling particularly lazy!

Okay, so Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at the broke and the bookish where they post a list of top ten picks on various topics. This weeks's topic is...

Top Ten Books I Bought Because of Their Covers!

I'm sorry but i really can't be @rsed going into major detail, so i guess we'll just have to settle with the covers a sentence or two.

The Name of The Star

I'd heard about this on Goodreads, although wasn't planning on buying it. But, when i walked into Target and saw the actual book on the shelves, i couldn't stop by myself from going 'GIMME THE SHINIEEEE!'. I don't know why the insta-love happened, but i'm glad it did!

Die For Me

Another one i didn't plan to buy, and yet somehow i ended up walking out of the store with it. Another awesome instinctual buy from me!


Gorgeous cover, right? Gorgeous insides....not in my mind. I didn't hate it exactly, but after finishing the last page i was left with a burning regret that i had actually spent 20 bucks on this...that was only intensified when it turned up in my library a week later.

The Iron Knight

I was prepared to wait the couple of months for my library to order it in, but after seeing that cover i just knew i had to buy it. As i type this its winging its way towards me, and i'm sure i won't be disappointed.


This one i was umming and ahhing about, though i'm glad i took that leap of faith and bought it in the end. The cover was one of the first things that drew me to Hourglass, along with the rave reviews from fellow book bloggers, and i can safely say i am now one of them.


Bought this on impulse, and now i kind of regret spending the money on it when i could have bought something infinitely more awesome. It's not that i didn't like it, it's just that it was....meh.


The first two words that popped into my head when i saw this cover were lava and romance. Not sure why, as it had NOTHING to do with lava, but i'm glad to say that it certainly had plenty of romance!

The Gathering

The connotation of nature and, of course, the name on this cover drew me in even though originally i was going to get another book. Worth it? I think so.

Storm Glass

I had never heard of this book (or the author) before i saw it in the shop. Back last year, before i started blogging or became a real book stalker, i thought it looked interesting enough and the cover was all magical and awesome. I liked it well enough, and i'm glad i bought it, but it's better now that i know more about books before i blindly buy them.

Across the Universe

This was when i started getting into the book universe (Goodreads, Library Thing, blah blah blah...) and all i knew about this was that it was a very popular new release on Goodreads. When i saw the book for real though, the cover was so pretty that i couldn't help but wanting the shinieeee!

Leave a comment if you want to share your top ten for this week, and i'll see you guys soon with a review of Carrier of the Mark tomorrow.... :D

Omnom Out,
Imo <l:)>

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