31 Dec 2011


Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1)

TITLE: Angelfall

AUTHOR: Susan Ee

SERIES: Penryn & The End of Days

PUBLISHER: Feral Dream (Kindle)


PAGES: 255 (Ebook)

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It's my 100th post guys! Better make sure it's a goodie :D
I got this for only 0.99 cents on Kindle (hint hint, GET IT NOW), and I still how can’t believe how lucky I was (or how delusional the publisher must be). A fantastic gem with it’s unique prose, believably romance and captivating characters, Angelfall has very quickly risen to my favourites of 2011 list.

I will admit, with a book like this; (only on Kindle, likely self-published) most of the time we do tend to stereotype it, thinking that it probably isn’t as good as other, actually printed books. We are so, so wrong. Susan Ee has managed to spin a completely new world not that far down the line, where the angels have revealed themselves and taken over humanity, led by the Messenger of God and the archangels.

Penryn is a human caught up in this apocalyptic crisis, trying desperately to protect her psychotic mother and paraplegic sister. When her sister is kidnapped by the angels, Penryn makes a deal with Raffe, an angel whose wings have been cut off – if he helps her get to the aerie (angel HQ), then she’ll help him get his wings back. But Penryn could never have predicted the things she’d find along the way; an hidden resistance who are determined to fight the angels, and unexpected feelings for the one by her side. But when things come to a head and startling discoveries are brought to light, things become muddied and Penryn no longer knows where to draw the line between human and angel, good and evil.

I loved loved loved Penryn, tough, smart and brave, she hides the fear and the terror and does everything she can to keep her little sister Paige safe. Heartbreakingly real, a lost girl in a frightening world, this heroine is one that you can’t help but like. The amount of love she held for Paige was astounding, and the fact that she was extremely capable of looking after herself made my feminist side shine with pride. Like most heroines, she sets out to do the impossible; and yet the way everything folds out seems to be perfectly plausible. Ms. Ee has terrific skill in writing, and it is always is a special event when someone makes the impossible believably possible.

Of course, there is a romantic theme to this story, though it seems content to step back and sneak around the main plot. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it seemed natural for that kind of situation, no love at first sight, in fact, they held no like for each other whatsoever in the beginning. Not to say that there wasn’t any tension later; in fact, certain moments were dripping with it. And that kiss, *swoon*. Although I totally didn’t believe Raffe when he made that jerkish comment after, but the ending, and his unveiled show of emotion, definitely made up for it.

This is an absolute steal at one dollar, and you’d be absolutely crazy not to buy it. Imaginative and heart wrenching, this first novel in what I hope will be a (lengthy) series is a masterpiece of technological literature. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy it, now!

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  1. This book sounds interesting. I like the cover. And wow, 100th post! Congrats! Happy new years! I'll have to check out more about this book.