12 Dec 2011

Eve by Anna Carey

Eve (Eve, #1)


AUTHOR: Anna Carey

SERIES: Eve #1

PAGES: 336

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Anna Carey presents us with another take on dystopian post-apocalyptic fiction, but this time it has a grittier feel. Though it has some faults, Eve is a great new read that you, like me, will probably zoom through in only a few hours.

The world Eve lives in is callous, harsh, and sometimes downright despicable, yet I still found some glimmers of hope that kept me going. The ‘sow’ concept is horrifying, and had my brain firing 1000 feminist thoughts per minute, most of them extremely angry and/or disgusted. If Carey wanted us to hate the government, that was a great way to accomplish it.

Surprisingly I actually liked Eve, and even Arden as well. Their tentative friendship under the circumstances was a great plus for the book, as was Caleb actually being nice, instead of the usual selfish jerk that suddenly declares his love with no warning whatsoever. Eve was brave enough when it counted, but still held those normal qualities of fear and blind ignorance that made me so compassionate towards her.

But, a lot of the time reading this book I felt like one of those water insects – a pond skimmer. I just skirted over the surface of what could really be a fascinating world, I didn’t really a get a clear and thorough view and it was often simplified. I liked the characters, yes, but I didn’t really form any kind of attachment to them or the world they lived in. It was like looking in a snow globe, interesting, but not so riveting you just had to read it. The book itself was entertaining, but I’m not dying for the sequel as I am for Shatter Me #2, and Pure (Half-Blood #2).

However, despite this I found Eve to be a truly entertaining story that I am so excited my library decided to buy (seriously, it’s a one in a thousand chance it will be). Full of action, romance, survival and an added pinch of betrayal, Eve is a fab new release that is sure to keep you reading past your bed time.


  1. I did enjoy this book, and the ending made me want to read it more.

    But of course Shatter Me was awesome!

    Great review Imo.


  2. Eve By Anna Carey is a futuristic story that captured my attention. The story is well written, and captures a reader¿s attention like it did mine. However, I found it a bit dull. The idea was unique, but the story was lacking in some things.
    Sixteen years after a deadly virus wiped out the world¿s population, the earth is a dangerous place, or so they say. Eighteen-year-old Eve has been told that beyond the walls of her school it is not safe.