4 Feb 2012

And again...

Hey guys, i just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who visited and followed yesterday for Follow Friday! You are all awesome, and i am trying to return the favour to every one of you, so bear with me!

On an awkward side note, i will be gone again until next Saturday, due to my friends' absurd love for camping (pity me). So if i don't manage to follow you back tonight, it might be that i end up having to do it next weekend, so just be patient and i promise i'll deliver :d

Anyways, have to go back to frantically following and packing,
Imo <l:)>


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    1. Camping? Oh my! Good luck with that. Camping is not my thing at all. Hope you have fun! Http://www.deadtreesandsilverscreens.com

  2. Hey Imo, I picked Omnom for an award :)
    You're on the top because you're my favorite (shh, don't tell anyone else). Here it is: http://geobobspinelli.blogspot.com/2012/02/stylish-blogger-award.html