18 Feb 2012


Halflings (Halflings, #1)

TITLE: Halflings

AUTHOR: Heather Burch

SERIES: Halflings #1

PAGES: 288 (Paperback)

PUBLISHER: Zondervan

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Halflings is another take on the highly popular angel genre, with certain elements that really interested me but other parts that lacked. Overall it was a nice read to waste a few hours on, yet perhaps not the best thing I’ve ever read.

A strong point for this book was Nikki, our female lead. I was a big fan of her active interest in self-defence and karate; it’s always nice to have a character that can kick ass through proper training and smarts, not a sudden ‘power’ that’s so convenient. Blech. However, at times I found myself increasingly frustrated at how stupid she was being. Take, for instance, when Mace saves her from crashing and she wakes up in a barn with him. After barely freaking out, she suddenly goes all wobbly kneed and doey eyed, which, I’m sorry, is not realistic in any way. Within about five seconds I would have been heading for the hills screaming at the top of my lungs.

In saying that though, I did generally like Mace. He didn’t feel the need to be the classic Alpha Jerk and instead won Nikki’s heart through kind gestures and actually caring for her, something I wish more authors would cotton on to. Even Raven was cute in his own way, trying to be so confident and snarky and yet totally losing his head around Nikki. I’m not the biggest fan of love triangles, but at least Ms. Burch seems to be handling it alright.

I guess what really drew it down for me was that I just didn’t care enough. I wasn’t divested in these characters and their happiness, I felt like I was just floating around above them, barely absorbing what I could have been given. Nothing stood out for me, everything was nice, sure, but I don’t want to spend my money and time on something that’s just ‘acceptable’.

A nice story that’s complimented by sturdy characters and an interesting plot, Halflings might be of interest to those who love to read the angel/demon genre. Though, if you are looking for an outstanding read that will keep you thinking for months, this isn’t it.


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  2. Hi Reader,

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