28 Feb 2012

Random Tuesday

Not feeling amazing today, so i thought i'd do somethig nice and simple.

Here's five random things from my day:

1. My brother is an absolute machine. He just stuffed himself with five tomatoes, about six biscuits, two bowls of chips, half a litre of juice and a sandwich he forgot to eat for lunch. I'm pretty sure my face for the last ten minutes has looked like this:

2. Best Awkward moment ever: A guy had just asked out my best friend (like, two seconds before) when Harry, another friend, interrupted by going over to them and saying 'Wassup?'. I then had a major spaz at him, my best friend started laughing and the guy turned bright red with embarrassment. It's all good though, she said yes and they're SOOOO cute together :D

3. We are now out of biscuits (see no. 1), which is a bummer, but i can't be bothered actually going to the store. Me thinks brother should do it for me...

4. It's been raining today and my knee's aching (completely destroyed it a while ago), and in lecture it cracked so badly that everybody turned to stare at me. Epic fwin.

5. WATCH SHERLOCK. It's amazing, i love it, i think the world should watch it. And  i can't believe i have to wait another year after THAT. Oh well, at least it isn't two like last time...

There you go, five randon things about today, what have you been doing?


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