19 Mar 2012

Out till the holidays

Okay guys, it's been building for a long time, but i finally can't take it anymore; i need to have a break. You may have noticed i've been an absolute FAIL in the blogging area recently, and trust me, i'd rather be doing this than my med course right now (why did i ever think becoming a doctor was a good idea?).

Anyway, i'm completely snowed under, so i'm going to be taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks, at least until the holidays and i can finally get my life under control. I may still pop in with the occasional review (i have so many e-ARCs right now that need to be posted about) and a bit of juicy goss, but the rest of the time i'll be studying and thinking of you.

Have an awesome couple of weeks,

1 comment:

  1. Good luck honey. Take the rest you need and please take care of yourself. You will be missed.