1 Jun 2012

Exam Hiatus

Bonjour, my lovelies.

There comes time in every persons life when they must seek higher education, and, of course, with that comes a pesky little thing called exams. A 2 hour, ridiculous exercise that decides the rest of our life. Next week, i have several of those things.
So, as you can probably guess, i'm not really going to have time for blogging around all my studying and casual freaking out.

For the next week or so i'm not going to actively writing posts. If you comment, i will see it and probably reply, so please don't stop just because you think i'm not going to be there. Because i will be checking this blog, pretty much every day, and writing reviews for the many beautiful ARCs i have received after the past month.
I just won't be posting.

That kid, is AMAZING

In the words of those i greatly admire, YOLO, and have an amazing week.


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