21 Jun 2012

Random Thursday

For those of you who don't know what Random Thursday is, it's a post that some of us do where we list five random things that have happened in our day. You guys, of course, are welcome to comment or share a few of your own on your blogs!

1. I was up all night reading The Golden Lily, and yes, it is AMAZING. Why can't i have The Indigo Spell now, i need more Sydrian!

2. I'm going on a study exchange to Germany in two months, and i couldn't be any more excited :D Although, the OCD person that i am, i've started listing all the things that could go wrong: lack of washing machines, stuff won't fit in suitcase, robbed...delightful things like that. I'm sure i'll be fine though!

3. Mein Bruder got speared in rugby last night (yes, that is illegal...and horrifying to watch), and now has a shattered collarbone. However, the best bit was when he was high on painkillers, and started singing Adele in the ER. The nurses, for one, were very entertained. The elderly gentleman in the cubicle next to us? Not so much.

4. It's the solstice today! Just a random piece of actually relelvant information for you there.

5. Today i learned that drinking pure cordial (squash in the UK, i have no idea what you call it in the US) in large proportions was not a good idea (it was a dare, okay? Blame my stupid immature friends). I have got such a sugar rush headache right now it isn't funny.

So, there you go. What random things have happened in your day?

Imo x

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