18 Jun 2012


Timepiece (Hourglass, #2)

TITLE: Timepiece

AUTHOR: Myra McEntire

SERIES: Hourglass #2



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Note: An ARC of thsi novel was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

A bit of a change-up from the first book in this series, Timepiece is the action packed sequel to the popular Hourglass. Though many may lament the loss of Emerson as the narrator, this book is just as romantic and exciting as the first.

The time space continuum is practically a mess after Emerson’s actions in the last book, and the whole Hourglass team are trying to prevent the ramifications from destroying life as they know it. But what they don’t know is that several groups – including Jack Landers – are racing to find a legendary object called the Infinityglass, and if they don’t reach Jack first then they are all in serious trouble.

Building on the foundation provided by the previous book we now begin to get a larger glimpse into the world of time travel. It was fascinating learning about all of the concepts explored in the novel, but at the same time completely mind boggling. Though they appear to make sense at times I found myself having to take a break just to figure everything out, and the complete overload of complex information was just too much for my frazzled brain. This is certainly a book that makes you think, and if that isn’t quite what you’re looking for than maybe I would avoid this novel.

The main contrast between Timepiece and Hourglass is the change in narrator, and whilst Kaleb was certainly an enjoyable character I found myself liking him slightly less than Emerson. However, he was sweet, caring, intelligent and witty, and McEntire could certainly have chosen a worse character to swap with. I especially enjoyed how having his POV meant that we could get a closer look at Lily and her abilities, and also how they played a part in the greater scheme of things.

I couldn’t properly review this novel without mentioning the romance, and what a cute one it is too! Straddling the fine line between love and potent dislike, the exchanges between Kaleb and Lily are always hilarious and filled with tension. One thing that struck me was how very different their relationship was compared to Michael and Emerson’s; a sizzling inferno compared with the epic love of fairy tales. Nevertheless, it was all I expected and was enough to satisfy my inner hopeless romantic.

A thrilling new addition to this most unique of series, Timepiece is definitely one for fans of Ms McEntire. It didn’t bore or disappoint, and I shall undeniably be looking forward to the next book, Infinityglass.

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