14 Jul 2012

On unexplained absences

Some of the more observant people out there may have noticed that i have been nonexistent in the last week, the reason for that being that i was on holiday. Skiing, to be more precise.
Unfortunately i didn't have a lot of time to write a post beforehand, so i kinda just had to leave things hanging.

I am happy to say that i had an amazing trip, the snow was great, my friends were crazy (in a good way), and those black runs were the best adrenalin high i've had in ages. I may have had a teeny tiny (well, HUGE) crash with another snowboarder and dislocated my shoulder on the last day, but that's all good. Apart from the epic soreness, i'm fine.

I hope you guys have had a great holiday as well, and now i leave you to sleep and take more of those amazing painkillers.

Have an awesome day,
Imo xx

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