8 Jan 2015

Sora's Quest


Title: Sora's Quest

Author: T.L. Shreffler

Series: The Cats Eye Chronicles #1

Pub. Date: April 18th 2012

During my time away I’ve been doing a lot of reading in between other much more boring activities, yet it wasn’t until I dug into the recesses of Goodreads that I found this book. I found it when I was in a real book slump and struggling valiantly against finals, and it honestly made me so unbelievably happy to find something that just ticked every one of my boxes.

What’s it all about? Well, our heroine Sora finds a mystical necklace amongst her absent mother’s belongings, not knowing that it is a legendary Cat’s Eye; a jewel not seen for generations and prized beyond belief for its magical capabilities. Kidnapped from her home by the mysterious assassin Crash and his two companions, Sora finds herself helping them in the quest to defeat their enemy – the bloodmage Volcrian. What follows is an adventure with action, magic and mysterious races.

This series is true high fantasy, it’s set in a completely different world filled with magic and mystical creatures. I loved stepping foot into this new environment, and I felt Ms. Shreffler did an excellent job in building this new world and revealing more as Sora herself discovers it. The history of the six species and the great War was especially interesting, as it served to flesh out this world instead of leaving it as a flimsy screen. The interaction between these species and their own unique traits was fascinating, and I look forward to meeting more of them in the future. The writing itself flows well, it’s simple but descriptive, and very rarely dips into purple prose for which I am eternally grateful. Seriously, sometimes you need to read that stuff at least three times before you can understand what the author is trying to say.

In regards to the characters, they were likeable but flawed, especially Sora. In the beginning she was very much the spoiled and na├»ve noblewoman, still a child unable to comprehend the danger she was in, but the best part for me was being able to watch her personal growth throughout the novel. Although she still retains some of her flaws, she becomes tougher, more independent, and a heroine I can fully get behind. Crash was an enigma, one I look forward to unraveling in the sequels. For most of the novel he appears as a terrifying, cold presence, yet the rare glimpses of warmth are more than enough to make up for it. I feel I should also mention that the side characters are wonderful as well, each given their own personality – even the villain, Volcrian.

So, action – check, adventure – check, magic – check, romance? Slightly more complicated, but it is there! It’s the kind of romance that I love; slow building, with just the right pace to move from dislike, to suspicion, to friendship and then to tentative feelings of…if not love, then something that makes my heart flutter. When I say slow, there is only a flicker of it towards the end of the novel, and it still isn’t anywhere near wild declarations of devotion, but I will say that it has the foundations of being something epic. I fully intend to read the next two books in this series, and whatever else comes after. 

As always, comments are welcome, and happy reading!
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