About Me

Hello my lovelies,

Well, i gave some basic info there ---->, but here is some more info for any of the curious out there.
I was born in England, but i live in Australia right now. I'm nearly two decades old, and my significant other is a gorgeous westie who i love with all my heart.
Whilst in the virtual world i'm a blogger and surfer of all things the internet, in real life i'm also a med student who watches way more Walking Dead than i should.

I am an avid reader - sometimes i can read up to a book a day! I review books for fun, and love recommending things to people and sharing my thoughts with the world.
If you have something to say about one of my reviews, please do, any other opinions are always welcome.
I am generally very friendly (if you don't catch me on exam day) so feel free to say hi or add a comment about anything here.
Omnom out