16 Jun 2011


I know i haven't blogged in a few days, but i have this other thing i have to do, called LIFE.
Occasionally, life decides it doesn't have time for my awesome blog, and decides it would like me to spend a whole week doing exams. Whoo.

Only 2 more left YAY! but they're the hardest, high level bio and maths accelarated (for nerds), and i am so, so screwed. I already think i have majorly failed comprehension, so lets just hope that's the only one.

I was going through my bookshelf, trying to make it at least presentable when i came across some old books that i had stuffed at the back and forgotten. Seeing them brought up memories of 6 year old me lying in bed, ordering my parents to read me these books over and over again and ignoring their exasperated faces.
You remember those books? The one you absolutely adored when you were younger, and now you look back and go 'WTF why did i love them so much?'

For instance, i absolutely worshipped C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia, i thought they were the best fantasy books i had ever read and i must have seen the 1990's movie about a bajillion times. Then, last weekend i saw the 00's remake, and i was like, 'surely that can't be based on them?', but, shock horror, it was.
I flicked through all the books, and this time i just didn't get that same wonderful feeling. They're still great, sure, but that last one, it DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. I must have reread it three times, trying to piece things together and how on earth it connected to the other books. But i just didn't get it.

I think this picture accurately describes it, don't you?

So, the morale of the story my lovelies today is:
In an exam, always read the question (seriously, the amount of times i forget to do that is unbelievable)
And cherish each moment when you read a book and you get that rush, and it makes you want to read it over and over again. Because you never know when, some ten years later, you'll decide to pick it up again, and it's gone.
It's the same with life, really, you'll have what you think is the best experience ever, and then some time later another memory will take it's place.

We can't control our future and where it'll take us, but we can live our lives to the fullest, and in the end, that's all anyone can ask.

Omnom out,
Imo :D

P.S Sorry about getting all philosophical on you, but i'm just in one those 'sharing' moods today as i had an easy exam this morning :)

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