22 Jun 2011

Randy Moments FTW


Today is just one of those days. It's raining. I'm sick. I had class all day. My knee and crutches are killing me and worst of all my ipod's broken (oh the horror!).
So, fair to say, my brain is mush right now when it comes to thinking of something to blog about.

Interesting fact No. 1: I had sex ed before lunch, suffice to that that was a *cough cough* interesting lesson, especially with my friends (you have no idea).
Interesting fact No. 2: My dog decided that even though the dog door was locked, she could go through anyway. Ten minutes and fifty bangs later, she finally flew straight through it :s
Interesting fact No. 3: Do not mix Mepoxicam and soft drink together, BAD COMBO.

My biffle sent some pics over by email that she found on some random site. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, so i'll let them do the talking.

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