18 Jun 2011

Giveaways and Books News

I Swim For Oceans

I know i only posted my review of Passion a couple of hours ago, but i wanted to tell you about a sweet giveaway happening at i swim for oceans, where you can win an ARC of FOREVER - the last book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. And trust me, this is one book that is getting MAJOR hype.
So if you are a major Maggie Stiefvater fan or just want to read the book, go and enter!

Also, i just found out (from my reliable sources) that Veronica Roth has finally released the title for Divergent #2, the sequel to the new release and one of my favourite books EVER, Divergent.
But i bet you've just skipped over all that writing as soon as you saw Divergent #2, so without further ado, here it is....

It's perfect, isn't it?
Or if you don't agree, leave a comment saying what you would call it and why, it's great hearing new ideas and i love visiting the blogs they came from.

Have fun entering the giveaway, Omnom out,
Imo :D

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