18 Jun 2011

Passion by Lauren Kate

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So..i guess most of you know of Passion right? (and if you don't, what hole have you been living in?) I managed to get my hands on a copy and devoured it in a couple of hours (i'm a fast reader), and i have finally got my review all written up and pretty.

BOOK: Passion

AUTHOR: Lauren Kate

SERIES: Fallen #3

PUBLISHER: Delacorte Books

PAGES: 420 (Hardcover)


Passion, the third novel in the Fallen quartet, was a riveting and well detailed novel that won’t disappoint the thousands of fans that worship Luce and Daniel.
After reading Torment, I felt that the series had taken a bit of a step down, but Passion has thoroughly brought up my expectations. We begin exactly where Torment left off, Luce is travelling to her past lives through the announcers, trying to find out the truth about her and Daniel’s curse and how it can be broken. Over the course of the book, Luce encounters several of her past lives, some like her, some she absolutely hates. Each one reveals a different clue that Luce can use to unveil the truth once and for all. But what she doesn’t realise is that Daniel is chasing after her, determined to save her before she does something that could change their future.
Lauren Kate has definitely raised the bar with Passion, the amount of detail she uses and the research she must have done is staggering. It makes you feel like you are right there with Luce, watching her past selves and living their lives. I loved how she chose a different era for each reincarnation, taking us on a vivid journey through our civilisations history and unfurling the unique stories that brought our main characters together. One thing that’s evident is that no matter what either of them do, they will always end up with each other. Watching their love unfold each time was something that makes you awwww, and really leaves you hoping that there is a happy ending for them somewhere in the near future.
Luce does a lot of maturing in this book, watching her different selves fall in love with Daniel and then die would have been a lot for her to deal with. But after watching it happen a few times she begins to accept that theirs is a true love, and that Daniel got the much worse half of the bargain.
One of the best things about Passion was learning about the curse and how it originated. As every piece was revealed I was even more eager to find out the truth along with Luce. Seeing Daniel’s history with his fellow angels also helped me to get inside his head, and see how everything got to be how it is in the present. It’s interesting to see what it is really like for him and how much he truly loves Luce, but another thing that really surprised me was his relationship with Cam, and left me hoping that there may be hope for a reconciliation some day.
The ending of this book is nothing less than nail biting, as soon as I turned the last page I was disappointed that I didn’t have Rapture right there with me. Winter 2012 is looking seriously far away right now. The only negative things I would have to say is that at times the writing felt a bit rushed, and Daniel managed to conveniently ‘forget’ his encounters with his past self. Also, Luce boldly approached, talked to, and warned her past selves, and yet there was no consequences involving changed futures or angelic intervention.
Anyways, overall Passion was a great book with a solid set up to the final novel, Rapture. There wasn’t much romance between the real Luce and Daniel, but I would wholeheartedly recommend it as a must read to Fallen fans. I can’t wait to read Rapture, and am sure it will be a stunning end to the series.
P.S. FYI I do agree with most people that the cover is ugly, what’s wrong with white clouds? The brown ones and the hair over her face just make it look weird.

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