20 Jul 2011


I'm back!

Needless to say the snow was wonderful, and yes, we did actually have snow this year :D Unfortunately, i went and did my knee in again, with a full dislocation and some ligament tears, but no surgery thank god!
I hope you've all had lovely holidays, but it's back to the daily grind soon, LE SIGH. But fear not, for us Southern hemisphererians we're past the winter half-way mark yay! Which means it can only get better from here on in weather wise (can't it?)

Many author-stalkers already know but in a week 3 awesome books are going to be released: Supernaturally, Wolfsbane, and Lola and the Boy Next Door which means a triple SQUEE!!! Tomorrow i'm heading off to see if i can find a few sneaky copies that might have been put in early, so wish me luck!

I know i haven't written a review in ages, but don't worry, i'm starting a few tomorrow from my endless pile of 'must-reviews', which may include a couple of the books above (hopefully). Until then, mes anges, you will just have to wait for the awesomness of my opinions and (in)appropriate comments that we all know and love :P

Omnom out,
Imo :D

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