4 Jul 2011

Until We Blog Again...

Auf Wiedersehen!
(Until we meet again...)
Bet you didn't think you would have a German lesson today, but what do you know, we learn new things all the time :P
As you may have guessed from the title, i'm going away for a couple of weeks. Snowboarding, in fact, let's just hope my knee behaves itself (fingers crossed).
So, i'm not going to be available on Blogger until i get back, and i will not be posting or reading comments. I know many of you will be heart broken, le sigh, but fear not, if the need for communication is urgent you may email me at imogen.sellars@live.com.au, or send a message on Goodreads which is connected to my email (my profile name is Igloo and i have the same profile pic).
Though i doubt you will be using any of that.
Have an awesome winter/summer holiday depending on which hemisphere you're in, and i'll see you soon!
In the meantime...

Omnom Out,
Imo :D

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