12 Oct 2011

The Mephisto Covenant

TITLE: The Mephisto Covenant

AUTHOR: Trinity Faegen

SERIES: Mephisto Covenant #1


PAGES: 439


I generously received this novel as an ARC from the publisher, please know that no monetary considerations affected this review.

I really don’t know what to think about this book. It has some great pros, and cover really is absolutely gorgeous. The synopsis, while not really giving the grab-you-by-the-throat kind of want, was interesting enough and so I was excited when I received the ARC. However, this book was nothing like I had imagined, my mind had obviously taken one path based on the summary whilst the actual book was on another. To be clear: this isn’t a negative review, nor is it entirely positive, I think my feeling would fall in the ‘meh’ area.

Sasha is our main character, a reincarnation of Anabo (complete innocence and purity) and one essential ingredient required to complete the Mephisto Covenant. On the flip side you have Jax, the son of the demon Mephistopheles and the man who must gain Sasha’s love to find redemption in the Covenant. Whilst they both had likable qualities, Jax, a deep streak of kindness and selflessness, and Sasha, compassion and courage, I never truly connected with them. To me, instead of feeling like real people, I always knew that they were just characters, that this really was just a story, and that stopped me from getting into it as much as some other works.

The writing in the novel is solid, flowing from the page and allowing me picture each scene easily from the descriptions. I think Ms. Faegen handled the subject of religion, especially Christianity, quite well, and I would be surprised if anyone was highly offended by the content (except that scene at the end….). I really liked how Jax and his other demon brothers were shown to actually be likable and human, instead of incarnations of evil that must be wiped from the earth. They had a shot at redemption, at striding out from their heritage, and this idea really made The Mephisto Covenant stand out from other demon/angel books.  

To be honest, my thoughts on this are totally messed up right now. The Mephisto Covenant has some serious flaws, and yet also some areas of shining light that kept me going even when the urge to give up at points was excruciating. As far as recommending it, I have mixed feelings. I think if you want to have a try, go for it, but only you will know if you’re going to like it. As for me, I think this is one series I won’t be continuing with.


  1. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on this book. I just got my copy in the mail, so it's on the TBR pile currently. I'm going to go in with an open mind, however I'm sad that this doesn't seem to be a character driven novel. I love it when you get that connection with a character so it seems like you're more of a friend instead of a reader. Love the honesty of your review!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  2. I love the cover art-work for this series. They are all absolutely beautiful! I love how they are more design oriented. Plus, Half-Blood is a purple (my favorite color) hibiscus... how gorgeous! Second, this book is one of the best debut books I've read. I absolutely loved every part of Half-Blood. From the opening, intense chapter to the final touching pages. It has compelling characters, an intense story line, plenty of laughs, irresistible romance, and so many great morals.