15 Nov 2011

Hiatus time!

I READ INHERITANCE AND HOLY SAUSAGE (inside joke, bee tee dubs)
just had to get that out the way, but it was seriously AMAZEBALLS!!

Okay, so some people may have noticed that over the past week i haven't been the most faithful blogger, and i have a good reason - trust me.

Right now i've got exams/finals coming up, like, next week and i'm spending all of my time studying and/or stressing myself out. As you can guess, this doesn't leave a lot of room for blogging.
But seriously, out of not bloggin for a month or something that could change my life, i'd choose the life stuff, cuz, you know, it might be important.

So, i guess you know what that means, HIATUS TIME!!! At least for a couple of weeks, probably until early December is likely. Of course i still might drop the occasional review or really important piece of informacione, but i wouldn't hang around waiting for it.

Have an awesome couple of weeks guys, and just remember that i love you (in a non-stalker way)
Imo <l:)>

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