9 Nov 2011

Lord of the Wolfyn

Lord of the Wolfyn (Royal House of Shadows, #3)

I don't usually go into adult fic, but i got auto approved on Netgalley and decided to try some out, maybe you'll see some more on here...

TITLE: Lord of the Wolfyn

AUTHOR: Jessica Anderson

SERIES: Royal House of Shadows #3

PUBLISHER: Harlequin Nocturne

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Lord of the Wolfyn is number three is the Royal House of Shadows series, and tells the story of Prince Dayn, the second eldest prince of the Elden kingdom.

After his parents performed the spell that sent Dayn and his siblings far away from Castle Island Dayn was cast into the wolfyn realm. For twenty years he kept up the façade of an amnesia stricken human, choosing to live peacefully with the wolfyn until the promised ‘guide’ would come to take him home. Alfreda ‘Reda’ Weston is that guide, a cop who’s self esteem has plummeted since she froze in a robbery and her partner died as a result. When she’s reunited with a book which used to belong to her mother she’s catapulted into the wolfyn realm, straight into Dayn’s path…

What follows is an arduous journey to get back to Dayn’s home in time to reunite with his siblings and kill the Blood Sorcerer, all the while being hunted by a pack of angry wolfyn and a witch who desperately seeks redemption. But neither of them would have guessed that whilst they were searching for Elden’s salvation, they might find love as well.

Anderson’s writing style is very easy to follow, it’s simple, and yet still gives you a vivid picture of the scene you are reading. It flowed well and the plot was interesting, even if it did lean on the over used ‘werewolves-hate-vampires’ cliché. However, my main problem was the characters, I just didn’t connect with them properly.

I got annoyed with Reda’s constant fear about her ‘cowardliness’, and how she was the one deflating her already tiny self-esteem. I get that the death of someone close to you is traumatic, but still holding onto that fear and beating yourself up after you should have moved on is a bit excessive. Also, her huge paranoia about Dayn using magical enticement on her was ridiculous, any reader could see that Dayn was not that kind of guy.

In saying that though, I liked Dayn. He was a real prince charming; kind, strong, caring. He lived in peace for twenty years with the species he should have despised, and his concern about Reda, after only knowing her a few hours, was really sweet.
On the plot: it was interesting, a good fit for the series, but again it wasn’t very memorable.
I think this one was meant to be loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, with Dayn being the huntsman, Alf*red*a Red, and the shifters as the Wolf. Not quite sure about Grandma, but there was barely any reference that it probably doesn’t matter. As a positive I think Alderson managed to give Lord of the Wolfyn a real fantasy feel, the worlds she created actually felt magical, a rare feat, and I really commend her on achieving it.

If this review has come across mainly negative I apologise, there were some elements I really liked and overall I don’t regret the enjoyable two hours I spent devouring this book. Having read Lord of the Abyss I’ve gained a real liking for this series, and can only hope I get around to reading the first two sometime in the future.

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