26 Dec 2011

The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys

TITLE: The Vincent Boys

AUTHOR: Abbi Glines


PUBLISHED: Oct 21st on Kindle

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Funny, hot and real, The Vincent Boys is a perfect summer read that’ll be sure to make you smile. Riddled with a few flaws but soundly whole, this book is great for girls who sometimes fantasise about having their own pair of hotties all to themselves.

Surprisingly, I actually kind of liked Ashton. She tries so hard to be perfect, and I think some or all us can definitely identify with that. What she didn’t seem to realise though, but Beau already knew, is that who she really was a smart, kind, funny girl who she shouldn’t be ashamed of. I really liked how Glines constructed this plot; she made it so that Ashton couldn’t choose between the two boys because she didn’t want to split them apart, not because she’s a cheating ho who doesn’t care for either of them. This theme of selfless love for Beau and Sawyer was what made her so endearing, and her struggles so infinitely real.

Though I loved the plot and the characters, I probably should mention that one of the biggest flaws for me was the writing. NOT that it was bad, or gluggy, or hard to understand, but you could tell that this was not the work of an experienced author. I am seriously not trying to shoot anyone down here, but I did feel like the writing technique could be practised and defined so it flowed better.
Another thing; I know you should be the own judge of what you read, but I would not recommend this to anyone below 14, maybe, or even 15. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing in here that’s terribly offensive, but there are…certain words and sexual content younger readers may not be accustomed to. But hey, you want to read it, read it, and if it doesn’t bother you, great.

On a more positive note that fits in with my overall view of the book, the romance between Beau and Ashton was everything you would want it to be; cute, charged, and undeniably sexy. I loved how Beau was constantly trying to get Ashton to see herself for who she truly is and accept it, his constant needling bringing her out from her fake perfect shell. Together, the tension was explosive, and it really made you wish you had a Beau of your own *le sigh*

Despite the few little niggly things that I’ve hardly mentioned, my response to this book is overwhelming positive. The author clearly knows how to write for her intended audience (I’d say late teens) and in the essence of fellow debut author Jennifer Armentrout (who I whole heartedly, unashamedly worship) she doesn’t shy away from ‘bad’ words and themes that to be honest, are more common than most like to think about. Overall, a great start from Abbi Glines, who’s next book (Existence) I am definitely looking forward to reading.

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