10 Apr 2012


So, what up peeps.
Basically, i have been camping (AGAIN, I KNOW) for the last week, and it rained. A lot. Ergo, i am not a fluffy bunny right now. Except you know what makes me slightly fluffier? Game of Thrones is back!

Now, first of all, for all thing GoT related you must see this blog of Rachel Hawkins' before you even cast your eyes on what i have written below.

Season 2 picks up at the beginning of A Clash of Kings, where we have the annoying asshat Joffrey upon the Iron Throne with his absolute b*tch of a mother Cersei taking control. Elsewhere, Robb Stark (the newly crowned King of the North), Renly Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon are preparing to launch an attack on King's Landing, where each one hopes he will become the new king.
And yes, all of them of are single.
Apart from Renly, who has a lovely rich boyfriend, but we don't see him yet.

In the far North, Jon Snow and his trusty band of Night's Watchmen have gone past the Wall and entered the lands of confirmed creep Craster, who marries his own daughters and...ew. Jon also takes this moment to make it even more awkward, saying 'What happens to the boys?'

No one knows, Pretty one, however, as Dolorous Edd's face clearly shows, WAY TO MAKE AN AWKIE

Then we go to Tyrion, who is the new Hand of Cersei...i mean, the King, and is integrating himself into the council with much b*tchiness on Cersei's part, although that's mainly due to the fact that her little secret's come out. And no, i don't mean that she's actually a man, it's more like her twincestual relationship with Jaime has finally got onto the grapevine.

When the b*itch face is showing, you know you're screwed.

With a standard look at a whorehouse and the murder of innocent children, we're finally onto Arya, who is making her way with the new NW recuits to the Wall. She is accompanied by Gendry, the last living bastard of Robert Baratheon and also a hoarder of eye liner.

And then that's it. Five seconds of Arya (who is one of my fave characters) and it's over. Capiche. Now i have to wait until the second episode gets leaked. WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY?!

And now, because i find it strangely hypnotic, the Lannisters wearing Snuggies:

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