19 Apr 2012

Random Thursday

Okay, so for you peeps who haven't seen one before, Random Thursday is a thing i do every thursday (totally didn't see that one coming) where i post 5 random things about my day. And if you want, you can then leave a comment telling me something about YOUR day. Get it? Awesome.

1. I've watched all the available episodes of Community, i now have to *sniff* wait like regular people. What is this monstrosity? I don't think i can live without my daily dose of Trabed.
2. One of my biddies is over in Canada right now for some uni exchange, and i am so jealous i practially look like an alien. She went skiing for the weekend and sent me a long email about how awesome it was, and now i am trying not to scream because I SHOULD HAVE GONE FOR IT. Ugh, i am so stupid.

3. My computer crashed again, so we took it to a repair shop who said the hard drive was shot. And guess what? It's not my fault! Apparently after the Japanese tsunami all the hard drive factories went out of business, so they're importing crappy ones from somewhere else is Asia. I'm kind of glad it happened though, becasue now i get a brand new, working hard drive!

4. I went to a dessert cafe last night. Best guilty pleasure ever. I can feel the calories being added to my butt, but it was so good i don't even care.
5. My dog is currently snoring under my bed, the fact that it's completely normal behaviour for her? Priceless.
Have a great thursday!
Imo <l:)>

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