11 Sep 2012

Auf Wiedersehen...but only for a month

As you may have guessed from the title, i'm going way for a month...to Germany! Basically, i got offered this awesome opportunity through the university and now I'm off to Berlin for a 'cultural enrichment' of sorts. Or at least that's what they call it. It probably helps that i did German all the way through high school (and i got the highest mark in the year as well!).

So, as you may be aware i'm not going to be able to access my blog at all during the next month, however i will be checking my email when i can. Otherwise, i'll be off seeing the sights and studying at the fab uni over there. I will NOT be able to accept review requests either, so authors: please refrain from sending them until after i come back ie. mid october.

I guess there isn't that much more to say other than have a fab September/October and i'll be missing you guys and my blog a lot. Now i must enter the realm of packing, where i have already found that i severely lack socks and warm shirts (damn you, Australia, for being too warm all the time!), and i need a bajillion things that i can't seem to find....

Have a great month, and i'll see you guys soon!
Imo xx

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