24 Nov 2012

I'm Back...kind of

Wow, i am so, so sorry i haven't been able to post in over two months, time just kept on getting away from me! Suffice to say Germany was amazing, so much so that i was offered the opportunity to stay for another month (which is why i haven't been on in so long). I only got back last week, and the amount of work my course dumped on me was enough to make me almost regret my decision to stay for the extra few weeks.

Anyways, back to the blog. It may take me another week or so to get going again, but hopefully you should start to see some reviews going up and the reappearance of a few weekly posts like Follow Friday, WoW, and Random Thursday. Right now i am seriously cramming for finals, so you'll have to forgive me if i skip a post here and there (only four more years to go...Medicine is going to kill me). I'm glad to say that i did manage to read some of the new releases whilst i was away (i didn't even try to read them in german, just ordered them online) and maybe you'll see some content on that in the near future.

And now i leave you with some of the (better) pictures from my trip, and i'll try and post again soon!

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