10 Jan 2015

Movie Saturday

As a book review blog i tend to write mostly about books, however a fact i mention very little is that i am also an avid movie watcher. I decided that once a week, on a Saturday, i would dedicate a blog post to a movie i have watched that week and do a mini-review to encourage (or not) you to watch it.

This week i was lucky enough to go see Into the Woods, a musical that i have always loved and one that i was ecstatic about when i heard it was going to be turned into a feature film.

First things first: I thought Disney did a great job of turning this classic musical into a 2 hour movie. Although some aspects of the original story were removed, they retained enough to keep the feel of the musical and the aspects ignored were (in my opinion) only minor.

The cinematography and look of the movie were gorgeous, with rich, wooded landscapes and quaint villages. The woods themselves were deliciously dark and creepy, with low, twisted trees and all manner of strange obstacles. I felt that Disney recreated that fairy-tale atmosphere crucial to the story, and it was interesting seeing all of these sets separately in real life instead of all on one stage.

The cast of Into the Woods did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life - special mentions go to Emily Blunt for her role as the Baker's Wife and Meryl Streep for playing an enigmatic (and slightly crazy) Witch. The casting came with a few surprises as well, with Chris Pine as Prince Charming (i never knew he could sing!) and the adorable James Corden as the Baker. Overall, a fine performance from many of the actors.

Disney's adaptation is one well worth seeing, both for those who know the original content and those who are new to this world. A movie appropriate for a family outing, or for seeing with friends, i definitely recommend it!

Have you seen Into the Woods? What did you think? Drop me a comment, or let me know if you've seen any other movies that are worth the watch!

Imo xx

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  1. Wow, I'm desperate to see Into the Woods! I'm glad you loved it :) I hope I do as well

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