14 Jan 2015

Waiting on a Wednesday

Waiting on a Wednesday is the creation of Breaking the Spine, where book bloggers show their favourite upcoming releases. Sometimes it can be hard to wait so long, but often that only makes the book that much better!

This week i've chosen Visions in Silver by Anne Bishop. I read and absolutely adored the first two books in this series (Written in Red and Murder of Crows), and it's been a long and difficult wait since March of last year - but only 2 more months to go!


The Others freed the cassandra sangue to protect the blood prophets from exploitation, not realising their actions would have dire consequences. Now the fragile seers are in greater danger than ever before - both from their own weaknesses and from those who seek to control their divinations for wicked purposes. In desperate need of answers, Simon Wolfgard, a shape-shifter leader among the Others, has no choice but to enlist blood prophet Meg Corbyn;s help, regardless of the risks she faces by aiding him. 

Meg is still deep in the throes of her addiction to the euphoria she feels when she cuts and speaks prophecy. She knows each slice of her blade tempts death. But Others and humans alike need anders, and her visions may be Simon's only hope of ending the conflict. 

For the shadows of war are deepening across the Atlantik, and the prejudice of a fanatic faction is threatening to bring the battle right to Meg and Simon;s doorstep...

Sounds fantastic, right? Let me know down in the comments what it is you're waiting for this fine Wednesday, and i'll be sure to pop over to your blog to return the favour!


  1. OOoh nice! I have this one to review, but I still need to read the first one! It was impulse requesting! But hear good things about this series so no doubting I'll love it!

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    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I haven't even read the first book yet! I look forward to though :)

    Most recent post: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.com/2015/01/teaser-tuesday-20.html

  3. Sounds like it might be an intense read. Great cover as well!
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  4. I haven't read the first book, perhaps that's why the synopsis sounds a bit confusing to me ^_^
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